SuperGreenLabelFoods Eu Project

SuperGreenLabelFoods (SGLF)

Program: Erasmus+ KA202

Reference Number: 2017-1-EL01-KA202-036224

Beneficiary Organization: Hellenic Agricultural Organisation – Demeter (HAO-DEMETER)

Short Description

The cultivation of super-foods & medicinal herbs is characterized as alternative, as the fruits & herbs, are highly nutritious food for humans. Their cultivation meets many uses-other than the consumption of the fruits to pharmaceutical & plants-pharmaceutical industry which are used for preparation of herbal medicines and nutritional supplements. Greece, Italy and Spain combine all the conditions required for high volume / performance production producing a satisfactory fructification. As today globalized certification standards constitute a common policy, the trend is to make focus on certification standards & process, an agent which requires the cultivation & production process to go alongside. Harmonization introduces labor exclusions which always have to be taken into consideration. This emphasis on quality within the agro-foods sphere comes also in response to evolving forms of consumption, in which product demand is tied to shared, socially construed values.  The entire project’s idea is to provide innovative methodologies to directly involved persons with the cultivation, collection, production, packaging and promotion of super-foods, aromatic-medicinal herbs and forest fruits, aiming to enhance their basic professional skills as their ICT skills, via vocational training activities in order to be more competitive themselves & their products. Main objectives of “SuperGREENLabelFoods” are the preparation & development of innovative activities for agriculturists/ agricultural workers/ producers/ working on the superfoods & aromatic-medicinal herbs production, in 4 key actions: 

  1. The know-how knowledge transfer to new adults’ agricultures.
  2. Outdoor Training activities in agriculture areas which will be Video-recorded, in order to be used as an e-learning tool.
  3. Enhancing the ICT skills of agriculturists in order to better promoting their products as well as always get informed for issues related to their cultivations.
  4. Agricultural certification of the potential agriculturists. Especially the use of real-time training sessions recorded by video-camera in outside activities will
  5. Give an innovative impact while enhancing the VET teaching & learning methodologies & pedagogical approaches via the use of ICT.


Among the final outputs and result of the project is included:

  1. A Scientific desk research on skills and regulation framework of cultivators of super foods and aromatic-medicinal herbs. This report will provide an overview of the recorded skills (soft skills and ICT skills) of the cultivators/ agricultural workers of super foods and aromatic-medicinal herb as well as the regulation framework for their education, training and skills capacity, existing in Greece, Spain and Italy.
  2. A “Statistical analysis the skills & training capacity of agriculturists & food processors” with the use of questionnaires. Additionally, virtual session to “Identify the frequency of ICT skills during the agriculturists professional development” will be organized. This guidebook will provide an overview of the fundamental principles for vertical integration production of superfoods and aromatic-medicinal herbs which are produced in participating European countries, such as Greece, Spain and Italy. The aim is to gather and present the principles of cultivation, processing and quality assurance of production of products like superfoods and aromatic-medicinal plants.


Duration: 01/10/2017-31/08/2019 (23 months)


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