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Ergasia Ekpedeftiki is one of the founding members of the Vocational Educations and Training Hellenic Association of Companies (EL.S.E.K.E.K.), in which it has active action and presence. In addition, it implements related activities (Research- Studies, Workshops, Conferences, Educational Aid). Its employees are experienced and specialized in the fields of Lifelong Learning and Vocational Education and Training. It has 4 certified branches in Amaliada, Pyrgos, Ioannina and Katerini, while the Administration Office in located in Patras.

Areas of expertise

Our organization specializes in the following areas:

Economy & Administration

Computer & Technology

Technical professions & Transportation

Tourism & Provision of Services

Rural Programs

Health & Welfare

Culture & Sports

Pedagogy & Environment

Ergasia Ekpedeftiki has been certified by National Organisation for the Certification of Qualifications & Vocational Guidance (EOPPEP) since 2007 as a Lifelong Learning Center with Certification Code 977-09. Ergasia Ekpedeftiki has developed and implements Quality Management System (Certification Number: 1710GR228Q) based on ISO 9001:2015 in the following:

  • Vocational educations & training and distance learning services 
  • Management services of co-financed and European projects
  • Career counselling


ISO 27001:2013 | ISO 27701:2019

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Our team

Theofani Anna

Manager for co-financed programs, Patras

Stauropoulou Stauroula

Administrative Personnel, Patras

Konstantopoulos Nikolaos

Administrative Personnel, Patras

Vasilogiannis Michael

Administrative Personnel, Patras

Zagka Nikoletta

Administrative Personnel, Patras

Taramas Athanasios

Head of the Amaliada branch

Labropoulou Antonia

Administrative Personnel, Amaliada

Stathopoulou Fay

Administrative Personnel, Pyrgos branch

Yfantidou Anna

Head of the Ioannina branch

Mpompolis Spyridon

Administrative Personnel, Ioannina

Konstantis Ioannis

Administrative Personnel, Ioannina

Lagioti Efrosini

Head of the Katerinis’ branch

Thimiopoulou Eutixia

Administrative Personnel, Katerini

Stroforidou Elissavet

Administrative Personnel, Katerini

Tryfonopoulou Nancy

Margosi Maria

Project Manager