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Project Management

Consultancy Services

Management of Co-financed Projects — Technical Advisor Services — Public Procurements under Law 4412/2016

ERGASIA S.A. has wide experience and knowledge in the design, organization and management of National and European projects and co-financed national, regional, and local projects. The knowledge of all the procedures required to capture and record each information, makes ERGASIA SA a pioneer in providing technical support regarding all the procedures of claiming proposals, implementation, and monitoring, from the very beginning, until the management completion, as well as the essential closing liabilities of the operations and the programs.


Our services aim at potential beneficiaries of co-financed projects, such as Professional and Scientific Institutions and Associations of Enterprises, Institutional Social Partners, Regional Authorities and Local Authorities. The provided services refer to the design of a proposal, following a needs analysis, the preparation and submission of the proposal, and finally, the timing and financial management of the project.

The support services provided to beneficiaries, in this specific field of expertise, i.e. the management and monitoring of integrated operations throughout the implementation period, concern:

  • Systematic monitoring of the timetable, the physical and financial scope as well as, the state of implementation of the co-financed operations.
  • Collecting and auditing the data of the Regular Progress Reports submitted by Beneficiaries.
  • Identifying problems during the implementation of the projects, submitting proposals to resolve them and checking, through standardized reports, that they have been solved within a reasonable time.
  • Examine the extent to which the quantitative objectives of the projects have been achieved, in line with the legal commitments which were initially made.
  • Identify cases of deviating from the conditions of entry, during the implementation period.
  • Systematic monitoring the level of beneficiaries’ compliance with their commitments.
  • Carry out any communication that may be required with the Institutions in order to collect any missing data or documents.
  • Check and record in the electronic submission of the Integrated Information System (OPS) the progress reports as it is required by the Management & Control System (SDE).
  • Electronic archiving and recording the new as well as, the altered Technical Bulletins in the OPS platform, and supporting beneficiaries in the electronic submission process.
  • Preparation and supervision of the entire public procurement procedure N. 4412/2016 (National System of Electronic Public Procurement (ESIDIS), Central Electronic Public Procurement Registry (KIMDIS), Transparency Program initiative (DIAVGEIA))