European Projects

Ergasia SA aims to support individuals in acquiring and developing basic skills and key competences by developing relevant and high-quality skills and competences to foster employability and enhance their personal development. We support competitiveness and employment.We promote educational,training and mobility activities to foster social inclusion and encourage civic participation.

Our missing is to create a competitive advantage for our trainees and to add value to each completed project , through the development and implementation of innovative systems for lifelong learning and skill’s structure.

Improve and extend the supply of high-quality learning opportunities tailored to the needs of individual low-skilled or low-qualified adults.

Enhance the literacy,numeracy,digital competences,key competence and/or progress towards higher qualifications of low-skilled or low qualified adults.

Implement innovative practices in the field of education , training and youth

Recognize and validate knowledge, skills and competences acquired through formal , non-formal and informal learning.

Research , development and promotion of tools and good practices in order to strengthen the influential impact of youth on their communities.

Development of creative and bottom-up activities to empower young people from different backgrounds.

Creation of synergies between formal and non-formal education systems.

Contributing to the creation and development of innovative and knowledge society.

Cooperate among local authorities to promote the development of education,training and youth systems and their integration in actions of local and regional development.

Maximizing their impact at local and international levels.