InnoPro Eu Project

Innovation project management course (InnoPro)

Program: Erasmus+ KA203

Reference Number: 2019-1-CZ01-KA203-061373

Beneficiary Organization: VSB – Technical University of Ostrava (Vysoká Škola Báňská-technická Univerzita Ostrava)

Short Description

The main project objective is to develop relevant and high – quality competences of early staged researchers – Ph.D. students, students of master´s and bachelor´s degrees and also other adults, employees, entrepreneurs etc. The main project objective will be achieved by development of a course focused on preparation and management of innovation (research and development, educational) projects. Project management skills and competences have been more and more required by the employers in almost all sectors of economy, science, technology and services. Their role is essential in nearly every industry. Demand for project managers is high across industries. Job growth is anticipated to be faster than any other occupation, with 22 million new job openings around the world by 2027, according to the Project Management Institute. Education of future project managers, however, is not comprehensive and does not meet the requirements of the labor market or scientific research environment. The project responds to the growing need for professionals able to effectively manage innovations both at universities/research centers and in companies. The course to be developed will place emphasis on the linking methods of project management with technical-economic-managerial aspects. Graduates will acquire all the know-how necessary for the practical activities in the management of innovation. The course will include practical tasks, providing instructions for the solution of specific problems of practice. Graduates will be able to use the acquired skills and competences both in enterprises (industry, services) and at universities (R&D sectors). This will increase the employability of the students on the labor market, attract young people to innovations and support the utilization of R&D results in economies at the same time. The main target groups are university students, early-stage researchers (Ph.D. students), university teachers and trainers in companies. Project participants reflect the target groups.

University teachers and trainers (up to 5 participants/partner country) will take part in the joint staff training/course for lecturers on how to effectively use the methods and tools developed within the project for practical education and training. The Course and its materials and methodology (O1) collected and developed within the project will be presented to target groups, tested during the workshops in partner countries (30 participants/partner country) and thereafter evaluated by experts. All target groups (35 participants) will attend the international Final conference in Ostrava.


Results (project output): Innovation project management course 

  1. Kit of educational materials to be used separately or as a course (PDF materials, text files, presentations, case studies, etc.)
  2. Moodle Course (e-learning, Open Access)

The content of the course is based on PMBOK methodology and follows the same areas: Integration management, Scope management, Time management, Cost Management, Quality Management, HR Management, Communication, Risk Management and Procurement Management. The above mentioned areas will be supported by Introduction to Innovations and Project English – terminology lessons.

Duration: 01/09/2019– 31/08/2022 (36 months)