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Form Bridge

Pédagogie de chantier - une approche repensée pour favoriser des passerelles formatives

Program: Erasmus+ KA202

Reference Number: 2019-1-FR01-KA202-063190

Beneficiary Organization: Etudes Et Chantiers Corsica

Short Description

Although strong progress has been made the recent years, too many young people are leaving school being poorly qualified, and facing a higher risk of unemployment, poverty and social exclusion. While it is urgent to coordinate actions between educational and non-educational actors and to find inclusive responses; several studies show that transversal skills have become unavoidable, with an impact on life, on academic and on social success, as well as on the decline in the drop-out of school rate. The partnership, composed of 6 organizations from 5 member countries (France, Belgium, Greece, Italy, Germany) proposes to promote formative bridges by framing the methods and instruments of “learning by doing pedagogy” in the logic of the assessment and the certification of competences. Based on a revised pedagogical approach, the partnership sets the following objectives: 

  • Create a reference framework for the assessment of competences mobilized by the Experiences of the learning by doing pedagogy, in particular the transversal competences, which are recognized as well as fundamental competences for the professional integration, citizenship and well-being of the individual (EACEA 2010-2012).
  • (Re) define the training paths to the evolution of the labor market and the needs of companies and territories through the methodological approach of the learning by doing pedagogy which represents an opportunity to link learning, citizenship and development of the territories.
  • Define the learning outcomes of the training courses proposed by the project through the common European language ECVET 
  • Support the educational achievements of young people with the contribution of representatives of the business world 
  • Encourage and promote collaborative approaches and educational alliances aimed at reducing early school leaving at the local level


The intellectual outputs committed by the partnership are:

  1. Common core of transversal competences developed through the learning by doing pedagogy
  2. Training course using learning by doing pedagogy approach
  3. Guide to organizing and facilitating experimentation sites

Duration: 01/09/2019– 31/12/2021 (33 months)

Website: www.formbridge.eu

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