CiProVot EU Project

Civil Protection Volunteers Training (CiProVot)

Program: Erasmus+ KA204

Reference Number: 2017-1-IT02-KA204-036650

Beneficiary Organization: Centro Studi Città di Foligno

Short Description

The projects aims to develop a Trans-national training course module for Civil Protection Volunteers (partly peer-education/partly with the use of external expert trainers). The development of disaster prevention and awareness in the Civil Protection is closely linked to the ability of drawing in the experiences and learning of this daily work as well as using daily operation in non-disaster situations to create networks with and broader awareness among other key stakeholders and the public on risk-management, disaster prevention and preparedness. By the development of training seminars for Trainers of CP Volunteers, the project motivate them to obtain new training guidelines for CP Voluntarism. 

The objectives of the project are:

  • To develop knowledge and skills on the Integrated Disaster Management Systems (IDMS) among volunteers of the Civil Protection (CP) organizations.
  • To test new technologies, tools and procedures of the Integrated Disaster Management Systems (IDMS).
  • To develop a training module for Civil Protection volunteers through peer-education and training sessions with experts.
  • To ensure and support the dissemination of an innovative tool based on the principles of the Integrated Disaster Management Systems (IDMS).


The main outputs of the project were:

  • The creation of an eBook containing scientific desk research, best practices and innovative educational tools useful for Civil Protection volunteers; 
  • The development of a comparative training methodology for dealing with knowledge, skills and core competences of Civil Protection volunteers; 
  • The selection of a European group of Civil Protection volunteers;
  • Designing and validation of a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) for training CP volunteers;
  • Implementation of two transnational blended mobility for CP Volunteers in Greece;
  • Organization of 5 national workshops and a transnational event.

Duration: 31/12/2017-30/12/2019 (36 months)


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