Vocational Training Voucher

National Programmes


Vocational Training Voucher for unemployed young of 18-29 years old, with mandatory work placement in the private sector.

Objective : To provide unemployed young people aged 18-29 years, continuing professional training services, which include :

    • Theoretical training programme in horizontal and specialized skills
    • Internship placement in the private sector
    • Counseling and guidance services


Duration : 2 years approximately

Status : Implemented

External link : https://www.voucher.gov.gr/

Structural adjustment at SME's

National Programmes


Structural adjustment at SME’s employing 1-49 employees within the economic crisis.

Objective : To provide employees in SME’s, professional training services through learning methods of sychronous and asychronous training, in a variety of fields listed below :

    • Basic ICT skills and databases
    • Qualitive customer services
    • Accounting
    • Sale techniques and marketing


Duration : 2 years approximately

Status : Implemented

External link : http://www.eiead.gr/

Energy Building Inspectors
National Programmes


Energy Building Inspectors, boiler plant, heating and air-conditioning.

Objective : To provide engineers, professional training services through:

    • Energy saving in buildings of public and private sector
    • Energy saving in heating and air-conditioning systems
    • Reducing greenhouse gases emissions


Duration : 1 year approximately

Status : Implemented

External link : https://www.buildingcert.gr/

Vocational Training Vouchers :

Training Voucher in the labour market for unemployed young of 18-29 years in all sectors.

Training fields : Office staff, Sale techniques, Quality Customer service, Basic principles of pedagogy, Trade and manufacturing, Administrative and financial support officers, Technical business of various sectors

Implementation period (18-29 years) : 05/07/2013 – 21/08/2014

Implementation period (18-24 years) : 24/11/2014 – 30/07/2015

Implementation period (25-29 years) : 21/11/2014 – 11/08/2015

Training Voucher and Certification of Unemployed in Basic ICT Skills in Certified Vocational Training Centers (VETs).

Training fields : Basic ICT concepts, Presentations

Implementation period : 20/08/2012 – 15/03/2013

Training for the unemployed in certified Vocational Training Centres (VETs) with mandatory employment in places associated with sustainable environmental management (green jobs) in 8 Phasing regions.

Training fields : Workers in landscape restoration, Sales of Organic Agriculture and Livestock Products, Management of excavator products

Implementation period : 17/10/2011 – 16/09/2013

Vocational training for unemployed in certified vocational training centers with mandatory work placement in the tourism sector.

Training fields : Quality customer service, Strain of public relations support and communication

Implementation period : 17/02/2014 – 14/08/2014

Training of unemployed in basic ICT skills and databases in 8 phasing regions.

Training fields : Basic ICT concepts, Databases

Implementation period : 12/03/2014 – 28/04/2014

Training for the unemployed in reforming issues for National Health Network.

Training fields : Reforming health units operation

Implementation period : 17/11/2014 – 14/08/2015

Structural adjustment at enterprises :

Structural adjustment at SME’s employing 1-49 employees within the economic crisis.

Training fields : Basic ICT skills, Sale techniques developing in merchants, Organisation and management in SME’s

Implementation period (18-29 years) : 17/04/2013 – 12/03/2014

Structural adjustment for employees and enterprises of 50 and over employees withnin the economic crisis.

Training fields : Sale skills development, Rules for customer service, Office workers and accountants using computers

Implementation period : 13/02/2012 – 31/12/2012

Other :

Plans of development of employment in different Perfectures of Greece (Pieria, Thesprotia, Ileia).

Training fields : Methods and packaging standards of aquaculture products, Alternative forms of tourism in relation to local needs and opportunities, Organization and operation of tourism enterprises, Organic Farming and Crops Restructuring, Cover training skills acquisition of horizontal qualifications before appointment

Implementation period : 14/05/2014 – 27/03/2015

Energy building inspectors, boiler plant, heating and air conditioning.

Training fields : Energy saving in buildings, BEMS, heating and air conditioning systems, environmental legislation

Implementation period : 08/02/2012 – 09/04/2014

Measures to assist vulnerable social groups by specialized certified centers and social integration for people with disabilities.

Training fields : Manufacturers of various sectors

Implementation period : 04/08/2014 – 01/04/2015

Investment programmes 2013 – 2014.

Training fields : Organisation and management in SME’s, Applied accounting

Implementation period : 17/04/2013 – 28/04/2014

Security technicians of Third Category.

Training fields : Health and Safety rules in SME’s

Implementation period : 10/03/2013 – 20/07/2014

Consortium of public and private entities, to improve quality of life and the prospect of employment for Roma, in Municipality of Ilida, Perfecture of Ileia.

Training fields : Social inclusion, Counseling for entering the labour market

Implementation period : 19/11/2012 – 19/10/2014