How we participate to INTERREG GREECE-ALBANIA 2014-2020?

As a private company, European Policy and Development Department of ERGASIA EKPEDEFTIKI SA, participates as consultant to Public Authorities, Institutes and NGOs,  regarding the scouting for partners, Projects preparation, Projects implementation and project management, in the framework of INTERREG Greece-Albania 2014-2020 2nd Call for Proposals, creating several consortiums with the participating bodies.

Currently, ERGASIA EKPEDEFTIKI SA has established consortiums and is preparing for its partners from Greece and Albania,  4 project proposals in the following Priority Axis:

2 project Proposals in

  • Priority Axis 1. 1. Promotion of the environment, sustainable transport and public infrastructure:

Specific Objective 1.1. Increase the capacity of cross-border infrastructure in transport, water & waste management

Project Title: “Organic Waste Innovative Solution Exchange”

Specific Objective 1.2. Increase the effectiveness of environmental protection & sustainable use of natural resources

Project Title: Enlargement of Cooperation in Natural Areas”


2 Project Proposals in

  • Priority Axis 2. Boosting the local economy:

Specific Objective 2.1. Preserve cultural and natural resources as a prerequisite for tourism development of the cross-border area

Project Title 1: “Gastronomy Paths

Project Title 2: “Enhancing Tourism Awareness in Youth


Meanwhile, ERGASIA EKPEDEFTIKI SA, participates as consultant to Municipalities for 4  project proposals which are prepared by other bodies in Priority Axis 1 & 2.


Do you need more info?

If you would like to find more about the project proposals which EUROPEAN POLICY & DEVELOPMENT Department is preparing as well as the other project proposals in which will participate, contact:

  • Ms Eugenia Karamouzi, Head of the European Policy & Development Department and/ or
  • Ms Danai Katsanta, European Projects Coordinator, in charge for Culture-Tourism & ICT sector


To the following email address:  ergasia@ergasiakek.gr